Snuggley Heating Pad Microwave Corn Heating Pads

Pink With Brown Polka Dots


Prices:  Large $20.00 + $5.00 Shipping
             Neck $17.50 + $5.00 Shipping
             Small $15.00 + $5.00 Shipping

Pink with Brown Polka Dot Snuggley Heating Pads.  These microwave heating pads are made with corn.  The large heating pads and the neck heating pads are divided into four sections.  The heating pads have a removable flannel cover.

Heating Instructions:  Large Heating Pad 3 minutes
                                   Neck Heating Pad 1 minute and 30 seconds
                                   Small Heating Pad 2 minutes

Please use caution and you may need to adjust the times according to your microwave.